Coming to you from the heart of Tel Aviv, Start-Up Nation Central’s DisrupTALK offers an in-depth review of the latest developments taking place in the local technology sector. From scientific breakthroughs to blockbuster deals, to the latest in the ecosystem trends, we’ve got you covered with a new podcast to help you keep your finger on the pulse of Startup Nation.

As Israel officially emerges from under the Covid-19 pandemic, easing nearly all the restrictions on travel and public gatherings on June 1st, Start-Up Nation Central is introducing the first episode of our 3-part podcast series on the country’s battle with COVID-19. The episode tells the story of Israel’s initial reaction to the pandemic, which was characterized by lots of good intentions and unprecedented collaborations, but a logistical “Balagan.

The next two episodes will focus on Israel’s world-leading vaccination campaign and end with a glimpse into the post-pandemic reality, as the country shifts into a “new normal.”

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