Online and mobile gaming have been taking the world by storm. With over 1.4 billion gamers worldwide, and industry revenues of $99.6 billion, the sector offers one of the most promising growth and monetization opportunities. To help keep you informed, we’ve curated a list of the latest industry developments. Follow the latest trends in Augmented and Virtual Reality, social gaming, kids gaming and more.


Interview with Daniel Kashti of KamaGames

Gain valuable insight into the future of the social gaming industry as you read Calvin Ayre’s exclusive interview with Daniel Kashti, CMO of KamaGames. This article covers the events of Casual Connect, the popular social gaming conference that recently took place in Tel Aviv. Learn about the challenges the industry faces as it expands into the Asian market, technological predictions for the further incorporation of Virtual and Augmented Reality into the gaming experience, and the impact of crypto currencies on the industry’s expansion.


In-Game Product Placement: The Future of Mobile Game Monetization

Mobile gaming developers interested in unique product monetization opportunities will want to read this recent Chartboost publication, discussing in-game product placement. Learn about the unique in-app gaming experience this popular gaming monetization method creates, as well as the increased user engagement and product revenue it generates. Developers will gain tips on how to incorporate in-game product placement opportunities on a basic design level, as well as foster branding opportunities with advertising agencies.


Shaping the Future of the Virtual Reality Experience

This Mashable article covers the opinions of five leading Virtual Reality developers that participated in the recent “Hype Train” PAX Australia conference. Find out in which ways the VR experience is developing similarly to traditional gaming, and in which ways the industry is setting itself apart. Gain expert input on popular VR development issues such as optimal engagement time and the role of enhanced user sensations within the VR experience.


The Impact of Augmented Reality on the Gaming Market

Find out how the increased popularization of Augmented Reality games such as Pokemon Go, have been revolutionizing the traditional gaming experience. In this Adobe Digital Marketing article, you’ll read up on how emerging technologies such as VR and AR, are profoundly impacting today’s consumer experience, as well as reshaping the future of in-game branding and monetization opportunities.


Valencell’s Revolutionary Biometric Technology

This Fitness Gaming article discusses the advanced biometric sensors developed by Valencell, and how the innovative technology is shifting and shaping the face of today’s fitness market. Read about the unique biometric feedback system implemented in all Valencell Performance Tek equipment. Find out how the company’s technology has been revolutionizing the industry with its ability to perform under the most extreme fitness conditions, seamlessly track user progress, monitor ongoing health issues and gamify traditional workout routines.


The AI Challenge: Google’s Deepmind takes on StarCraft II

Gamers rejoice! In this recent Racked article, DeepMind (now owned by Google) announced its latest AI challenge: to crack and defeat Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft II. The popular, professionally played game involves highly complex game mechanics that have never before been machine learned or mastered. Should the British AI company manage to defeat the system, the practical implications both within the gaming world and the real word, can be real “game changers”.


Understanding the Unique Challenges of the Kids Gaming Market

This White Nights magazine interview with Indigo Kids Project Manager, Maksim Kochurin, discusses some of the unique challenges faced by companies developing kids gaming applications. Maksim provides insight into kids gaming issues such as: marketing to young audiences, retaining young users, the ethics of in-game monetization methods and the difficulties in converting free users into paying ones.


The exponential expansion and development of the gaming industry as seen in the above articles, demonstrates what a powerful growth opportunity the industry offers for up and coming hi-tech companies. To learn about Israeli start-ups leading innovations in the industry, visit SNC Finder, the largest search engine for partnering international professionals with Israeli hi-tech companies.

Jeremie is an entrepreneur with technological expertise in consumer electronics, software, and 3D imaging industries. Jeremie previously served as the Director of Worldwide Business Development at PrimeSense (acquired by Apple), Director of Marketing at GameGround, and VP of Business Development at Zonerank. Over the course of the last decade, Jeremie has mentored and advised various investors incubators and startups. He is a co-founder of GameIS, the Israeli digital games association, and sits on the boards of several innovative technology companies