The FinTech industry is simplifying trading in complex markets, and changing the way people and businesses transfer money across borders, and receive and give loans.

Israel’s FinTech industry is growing fast, with more than 300 technology companies aimed at changing the industry on a global scale. Furthermore, major global companies such as Visa, CitiBank, and Amazon established R&D centers in Israel, in order to tap local talent and knowledge and expertise.

Check this industry overview infographic to learn more about companies, investments and Israel’s competitive advantage (click to enlarge):


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Paz Itzhar joined Start-Up Nation Central two years ago and today leads the organization's activity in Fintech. served for five years in the Israeli Air Force in multiple roles -- as an operations officer; a commander of an officers' course; and later as deputy to the head of operations. Prior to joining Start-Up Nation Central, Paz worked at the Ministry of Finance in the Wages Department. She holds a BA in Psychology and Economics from the Hebrew University. During her studies Paz was a psychology instructor for populations at risk, and a Research Assistant at The Center for the Study of Rationality.