The Digital Health industry is growing into a very different entity to its traditional self. The range of new and exciting digital health products that are in design, and out there on the market, is diverse and plentiful, and should be yielding to a digitalized, patient-centric system, empowering consumers to manage their personal healthcare issues independently. However, the difficulty is in attracting the attention of potential adopters of the cutting-edge breakthroughs available in the digital health field. Enabling digital health entrepreneurs to comprehend the benefits of these innovations, and identify the advantages of catering to digital needs within the health field, is taking longer than previously predicted.

Moving Things Forward

How can things move forward effectively?  If the goal is for innovative digital health products to enter the broader healthcare market, and allow consumers more than merely the illusion of choice, what would be the most efficient manner in which to achieve it? If only there were something for companies involved in the Digital Health sector that resembled a definitive collection of tips, hints, references and mechanisms, neatly packaged into one, all-encompassing kit. Could such a thing exist? More to the point, does it?

Yes, it Does.

The Digital Health Toolbox, produced by Start-Up Nation Central, together with PwC Israel , is a comprehensive package containing all the resources a digital health start-up could need to overcome barriers and knowledge gaps, and to achieve entrepreneurial success in the US and global healthcare systems.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know

The clue is in the name. Just as with a regular toolbox, the Digital Health Toolbox contains a variety of insights and other information that can help digital health start-ups approach, tackle and break into the US healthcare system (and other notable global healthcare markets).

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the crucial secrets that the Toolbox contains, all of which will contribute to help make a Digital Healthcare start-up thrive, flourish and ultimately succeed. *Note: Since the toolbox is entirely free to download, it’s less sneak, and more preview.

Digital Priorities

The Toolbox can help a digital health start-up better understand the digital priorities of the various healthcare organization executives, by offering insights into what interests and motivates them, as well as the best way to communicate with them in the most effective and productive manner, and an understanding of what should be pitched to whom.

Successful Digital Healthcare Business Model

What are the building blocks for a super-successful Digital Healthcare business model? The Toolbox offers ten essential building blocks to help digital health start-ups structure a plan, and execute a successful break-through.

The Digital Procurement Roadmap

How can a digital health start-up best prepare for the procurement cycle? And what does the roadmap look like? The digital procurement roadmap shows start-ups how to move a health system from the point of identifying digital needs to an effective and successfully installed scaled solution in only twelve months.

All the Secrets

Expose your start-up to all the information that constitutes trade secrets, as perceived within the world of the large-scale healthcare system. Learn the best way to navigate the FDA approach to digital health, and keep the balance between regulating new products and enabling constant innovation. Understand how to traverse the shift to value in the incentives within the US healthcare ecosystem, and figure out the opportunities which can be maximized as a result of this. Unravel the mystery behind the design of a successful pilot scheme.

And there’s more. Much more. But don’t take our word for it. Download the Digital Health Toolbox here.



Sharon Shapira manages the Digital Health Sector Strategy and activities at Start-Up Nation Central. An intelligence analyst in an elite IDF intelligence unit, Sharon was responsible for analyzing and processing intelligence in one of the unit's top divisions. She holds a BSc in Biotechnology (cum laude) from Tel-Aviv University.