At the end of June, Tel Aviv University hosted the Cyber Week 2017 conference – one of the most important annual cybersecurity events that brings together experts, entrepreneurs, policymakers, investors, academics, and corporates’ executives. During Cyber Week the 10,000 participants, 1,200 amongst them from abroad, enjoyed dozens of exceptional lectures, round tables, and discussions in the fields of cybersecurity technology and policy.

At the end of the first day of Cyber Week, Start-Up Nation Central hosted, together with the Blavatnik ICRC, a networking event for CISOs from multinational corporates, local start-ups, and investors, where they could all meet and discuss industry trends, opportunities for collaboration, or just hang out after the long day. We had the opportunity to catch some of our guests for an interview to share their impressions from Cyber Week and their valuable insights on the industry.

Take a look at the videos below!

Nir Falevich is the Cybersecurity Sector Lead at Start-Up Nation Central. His aim is to connect business and government leaders with the people and technologies in Israel’s Cybersecurity sector that can solve the most pressing challenges. Prior to his role as a research analyst at Start-Up Nation Central, he was Business Intelligence Developer at Ginger Software, a US and Israel-based ed-tech software company. Prior to that, Nir served in several positions in IDF’s Technology & Intelligence Unit 8200. Nir holds a B.A. in Philosophy, Political Science and Economics (PPE) from the Hebrew University.